2018 NBBA Holiday Classic

BASKETBALL Dec 15 - Dec 16, 2018

2018 Holiday Classic Rules 

Clock / Forfeits
~ Two (2) 18-minute running clock halves
~ Clock will stop the last 10 seconds of the first half and last two (2) minutes of the second half.
~ If the lead is 10 points or more in the last two minutes, the clock will run.  ~Clock will stop if score is cut to 9 points or less.
~ Game time is forfeit time, no grace period.
~ Please be at facility at least 30 minutes prior to game time. 

Warm Up / Timeouts / Free Throws / Overtime 
~ 3 minute warm up time before each game
~ 1 minute half time
~ Overtime is 2 minutes for the first overtime and Sudden Death for the 2nd overtime… first point scored.
~ Each team receives three (3) 30-second timeouts per game.
~ Each team receives one (1) 30-second timeout per overtime.
~ Free throws will be 1 & 1 at seven fouls, double bonus at 10 fouls.
~ A player fouls out on 5th personal foul. 

Defense / Press Rules
~ 3rd– 6th Grade MUST play man to man defense 
~ 7th– 8th Grade may play man or zone defense  
~ 3rd– 4th Grade NO PRESS until the last two minutes of the game
~ 5th– 6th Grade allowed to press until they lead by 10 points 
~ 7th– 8th Grade allowed to press until they lead by 15 points 

Technical Fouls / Ejections / Parents
~ A technical foul results in two points for the opponent.
~ Two technical fouls will result in automatic ejection from the game.
~ Any ejections of coaches or players will be an automatic suspension from the next game.            

- Coaches are responsible for controlling their fans and supporters. Any problems could result in team forfeiture of the game.