nba Summer League 2020


Namaka, Fiji Islands

Namaka, Fiji Islands

Nadi Basketball



nba Summer League 2020

Nadi Basketball
Association Summer Season

29 February – 28 March,

By-Laws for Men’s and
Women’s Competition


Discipline Committee

Nadi Basketball Association is the governing body that
oversees the organization and implementation of the nba Summer League 2020. The Discipline Committee consists of Mr.
Jone Ravitu, Mr. Richard Ram and Ms. Ulalia Macomber. They will be responsible
for handling any infractions/unsportsmanlike conduct not specifically addressed
in this by-laws. The hosting of the competition is reserved under rights and
discretion of Nadi Basketball Association by virtue of its affiliation with
Basketball Fiji and the Basketball Fiji Board of Directors.


nba Summer League 2020 By-Laws



The name shall be the Nadi
Basketball Association Summer League 2020



It shall be the purpose of this competition to develop and
enhance the sport of basketball while promoting friendly competition in line
with the values and character of FIBA and FIBA Oceania rules.



Section 1 – All basketball clubs that have paid the
registration fee of $30. The registration fee is charged per club which allows
them to field up to 2 teams in the competition. Any third and subsequent teams
thereafter will be charged a registration fee of $20 per team.

Section 2 – A maximum of 6 men’s and 5 women’s teams will
participate in the tournament.



Section 1 – The
tournament will be played on five consecutive Saturdays beginning February 29
and ending on March 28. All teams will play a round robin competition in the
men’s and women’s divisions. The top four teams in each division will progress
into the playoffs and championship game.

Section 1a
Proviso: Being an outdoor facility, the provision to extend the competition to
but not beyond April 4, will be considered if inclement weather hinders the
completion of the competition.

Section 2
Eligibility. Players participating in the annual tournament must be a
registered member of an affiliated club.

Section 3
Competition Venue. The venue of the competition will be the basketball court
commonly referred to as the “courts at CAAF Compound” in Namaka, Nadi. In the
event the venue is unplayable or cancelled on short notice, Tournament Director
reserves the right to play the games that was scheduled at that venue at an alternative
venue of his choosing.

Section 4
Rosters. It is mandatory that all team rosters are submitted to the Tournament
Director, Jone Ravitu on or before February 28. If the roster is not submitted
and completely approved, the team is ineligible to participate in the
tournament under any circumstances. No changes may be made in the team roster
once it has been submitted to the Tournament Director.

Section 5 – Age
Limit. The minimum age limit to participate in this competition is 13 years of

Section 6
Basketball Rules. Games will be conducted under the FIBA Oceania rules.

Section 7 -  Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  1. We will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct
    in the form of physical or verbal abuse by participating teams or players. Any
    player found to have caused injury intentionally either in the form of
    punching, kicking, stomping, elbowing, head butting, throwing or hitting will
    be disqualified indefinitely from the tournament and may face further
    discipline actions from either the Fiji Police, Discipline Committee or
    Basketball Fiji.
  2. Any participants whether he/she is a player, coach,
    manager, family or spectator has been reported for verbally abusing any match
    officials, tournament organizers, other players, coaches, managers, spectators
    or family, Nadi Basketball reserves the right to ban the person from the
    vicinity of the venue and from reentering thereafter.
  3. Nadi Basketball Association or the Discipline
    Committee reserves the right to disqualify a team or participant (coach,
    player, family member or manager) from the tournament if he/she is found to
    have acted in a manner against the principles of good sportsmanship.
  4. Drunks will not be allowed in the games premises
    and if any participant is found to be intoxicated or smelling of alcohol will
    be disqualified from the tournament.
  5. Any participant who is found guilty of
    misconduct will not be allowed in the games premises.

Section 8
Official Complaints. Official complaints relating to any player, coach, teams,
officials need to be given in writing to the Tournament Director within four
hours from when the alleged offence took place.

Section 9 – Game

  1. All uniforms worn by participants must read
    legal numbers between the numbers 4 to 15 unless special arrangements have been
    made prior to the tournament. If a team arrives to play in unofficial uniforms,
    the players will be issued bibs and the team may receive two indirect bench
    technical fouls and loss of possession.
  2. Blood Rule. Any player who is bleeding must come
    out of the game as soon as the blood is seen and/or pointed out to the referee.
    This player may not return to the game until the bleeding has been completely
    stopped and the area has been cleaned and treated. A player will not be allowed
    to return to the game if there is blood saturated on the uniform.
  3. Unsportsmanlike Foul. Maximum of two (2)
    unsportsmanlike or technical fouls by a player, manager or coach will result in
    ejection from the game. The said official in violation must leave the playing
    and bench area. Player(s) will be banished from the bench. If any other
    disruption occurs, the player must leave the venue forthwith.
  4. Time. We need every game to start on time. The
    opposition gets two point for each minute a team is late. If a team is able to
    field the required number of players before the 10 minute mark, the game will
    resume from the count down time. If a team fails to field the required number
    of players after the 10 minute mark has elapsed, the forfeit will be declared.
    A minimum of five players is required to start a game. Score sheets must be
    filled at least 20 minutes before the game.
  5. Game Time. Each game (including playoffs) will
    consist of four quarters. Each quarter will consist of 10 minutes running time.
    Stop timekeeping disciplines will be observed in the last two minutes of the
    last quarter of the game provided the difference in score is 15 or less.
  6. Break in between periods. The half time break
    will be three minutes. The break between the first and second periods, the
    third and fourth periods and before any overtime period will be 1 minute.
  7. Time Outs. A team is allowed a maximum of one
    time out per quarter. If a team decides not to use their time out in the half,
    the time out will be forfeited. The clock will not stop for time outs. 30
    seconds is given for time outs.
  8. Team Fouls. Once a team commits four (4) team
    fouls in one half, the team foul flag will be raised for the infringing team.
    The 5th foul committed by the team will result in two (2) free
    throws being awarded to the opposing team. The team foul is reset at the end of
    each period.
  9. Over time. In the case of scores being tied at
    full time, five (5) minutes overtime will be played. Subsequent overtime will
    be played until a winner is declared.
  10. Basketball Attire. All players must wear
    appropriate basketball attire (top, shorts, socks and shoes). Inappropriate
    footwear, board/denim/cargo shorts, basketball singlets or shirts not listed in
    the teams colour(s) will not be allowed. Fashion accessories are not allowed
    during games e.g. rings, watches, hairbands, combs, earrings, wristbands, belts
    are not permitted.
  11. Team Bench. For the safety and enjoyment of all,
    keep all players seated. Only the coach is allowed to stand. All players and
    coaches must remain at least two metres from the official table/bench so as to
    allow an unimpeded view of all playing areas. Only players and the coach(es)
    are allowed to be on the team bench. Any teams found to be guilty of breaching
    this rule will be issued a warning, which will be followed by a technical foul
    and could lead to a team’s disqualification.