16th Annual Lions Club Classic Youth Basketball Tournament

BASKETBALL Feb 16 - Feb 17, 2019

Scottsbluff, NE, USA

16th Annual
Lions Club Classic Basketball Tournament


February 16-17, 2019

Deadline: February 1st, 2019


Contact: Jody Miles, 308-633-9302 Work; 308-641-1538 Cell; jmiles@pvbank.com or

Rick Tuggle, 308-632-4158
Work; 308-641-6870 Cell; rtuggle@fsbcentral.com

online at: https://www.openball.com/lions16


Three Game Tournament: It is the intent of the organizers
of this tournament that all teams play a minimum of three games.  First and second place teams will be given
individual medals. The champion of each age bracket (4th–8th
grades, boys & girls) will receive a championship prize.

The entry fee is $170.00.  A refund will not be available after the
tournament entry deadline.  Please
enclose the team roster or list the players below.  Lions Club will retain a $50.00
non-refundable fee if the tournament is cancelled due to weather.  Lions Club reserves the right to combine age
divisions if there are not enough teams in any one division.

A tournament program will be printed.  Please provide player names and numbers (if
available) in order to have your players listed in the program. Ten players max per team.  A player may only play on one team.  The player may only play in his/her division
with the exception of a lower grade may play in a higher division.

Scottsbluff, NE, USA


February 16 – 17, 2019




  1. All teams should be ready to play ten minutes
    prior to their game time so that games can be started ahead of schedule if
    possible.  Teams that are more than
    ten minutes late to the contest will forfeit.  Teams will be permitted to play with no
    less than four players.

  2. All teams should have same colored jerseys with
    numbers on at least one side.

  3. The shoes worn in the facility cannot be worn on
    gymnasium floors.  Shoes must be
    changed and be non-marking.

  4. Players must compete in their own grade
    classification, with the exception that lower grades may participate in a
    higher division.

  5. Players can only play on one team for the duration of the tournament. 

  6. Jewelry, watches and earrings must be removed
    prior to a game start.

  7. Pickup players will not be allowed
    once the tournament has begun without the consent of the tournament

  8. Team coaches must keep their players off of the
    court during games in which they are not involved (do not allow players to
    shoot around during timeouts, half-time, etc).  The tournament does not provide
    basketballs for team warm-ups.

  9. All divisions will use a 28.5-inch basketball.  Each team shall have a good ball
    available for use by the official.

  10. Each team must supply one adult score keeper or
    clock operator for each game that team is scheduled.

  11. Each team shall receive three one-minute
    time-outs per game for all levels.

  12. Games will be played in four 8-minute quarters
    with the clock stopping only on time-outs, injuries and free throws except
    for the following.  Clock will stop on all whistles in
    the last 2 minutes of the game.

  13. Overtimes will last two minutes with clock stopping
    on all whistles. In overtime, each team will be given one additional
    time-out.  If an additional
    overtime is required, it will be sudden death with no time-outs allotted

  14. All players in the 4th grade divisions
    may shoot free throws from 12`.

  15. No full court pressing, zone defense or trapping
    in the 4th and 5th grade divisions.  Man to man defense only.

  16. Warm-up time and half time will be five
    minutes.  Quarter breaks one minute.

  17. 6th – 8th grade divisions
    allow full court pressing.  However,
    once a fifteen-point lead has been reached a full court press must be

  18. Substitution is allowed only on dead balls.  Failure to substitute properly will
    result in automatic technical foul.

  19. All technical and/or intentional fouls will
    result in the other team receiving an automatic
    two points
    , plus the ball out of bounds.  Any player or coach who receives two
    technical fouls shall be removed from the game and possibly the

  20. Any player or coach receiving a technical foul
    for unsportsmanlike conduct will be removed from the game.  Any player or coach ejected from the
    game will sit out the next game.

  21. Teams will be seeded into the Sunday single
    elimination bracket by their wins in pool play, then head to head, then point