5th Annual Monster Mash 2019


Deer Valley High School (Antioch)

Deer Valley High School (Antioch)

Game Play 

  • All Divisions will have 2 time outs per GAME. (30 second time outs) 
  • 18 minute Halves- Running clock 
  • Clock will stop during the last 2:00 of the game only 
  • 1 minute halftimes
  • 20-point leads in the second half will result in a mandatory running clock, Clock will remain running unless score gets to a 15 point lead. 
  • Teams will be granted a minimum of 3 minutes to warm up. 
  • Ball Size: 28.5 for division Girls,  9u – 11u; 29.5 for divisions 12u - 17u. 

Tie Breaker & Overtime Tie Breaker: (A) Head to Head, (B) Point Differential, (C) Points scored – 15 Points (max).Overtime: Two minutes – 1 time out (Time outs do not carry over), clock stops in last minute of overtime.  Double overtime is sudden death (First team to score) 
  • 7 Team Fouls = 1 and 1; 10 Team Fouls = 2 shots 
  • Player is disqualified after 5 personal fouls 
  • Technical fouls count as personal fouls 
  • Player or coach is disqualified after 2nd technical foul 
  • Technical fouls result in (2) shots and possession of the ball 

Game time 
  • Start time is game time. You are encouraged to have your team ready to play at least 20 minutes before the game time. You must have at least 4 players there in order to avoid a forfeit. If your team is not there to play, the game will be forfeited. If both teams are there and ready to go before game time, WE WILL start early. 
  • Players may not wear jewelry, bracelets, earrings, watches or similar items. 

*All protest must be brought to the tournament director 5 minutes prior to your game. Cost is $150 plus proof of your team’s birth certificates. All protests will be decided by the tournament director. All protested games will be played.
Disorderly or Hostile Behavior 
  • Any abuse of officials is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Any player, spectator, or coach involved in fighting, threatening or hostile behavior towards any person, on or off the court, shall be suspended for all remaining games and shall not be allowed to participate in all future tournaments. 
  • Any onlooker involved in fighting, threatening or hostile behavior towards another person shall not be allowed in or around any gym or future tournaments. 
  • No profanity will be allowed from spectators, players or coaches. 
  • Any spectator causing a problem will be asked to leave the gym, by lead official or tournament director.  
  • If that person does not leave immediately, police will be called.